Sure, natural alternatives like fruit acids sound like a great idea in theory, but the question remains: do they work?

When it comes to eliminating bacteria, science appears to suggest that the answer is yes.

Antibacterial Fruit Acids

Studies have indicated that fruit acids are just as, if not more, effective in killing bacteria as alcohol and bleach. Fruit-derived malic acid and acetic acid, for example, have been shown to kill salmonella (Olaimat et al 2018) and even the flu virus (Greaterex et al 2010). What’s even more striking, is they do so just as well as diluted bleach and alcohol.

On plastic surfaces, fruit acids have been shown to kill bacteria as well as or better than diluted bleach and alcohol. Essential oils also performed better than alcohol, and as well as bleach or peracetic acid. (Vidacs et al 2018).

In 2006, Chambers and team showed that bacteria present on plastic are more resistant to alcohol than they are to fruit acids or essential oils. This is due to the fact that essential oils break up cell membranes and shatter cells. They also block cell-cell communication within the bacterial sensory network, which can break up biofilms. Not to mention, fruit acids and essential oils are much safer for the environment, preventing toxic runoff, which kills fish and aquatic plants.

These scientific studies are, in part, what led us to the formulation of PlaneAire: a powerful proprietary blend of six organic essential oils, purified water and organic fruit acids.

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Fruit Acids: Fact vs. Fiction, from the President’s Desk and Scientific Team at PlaneAire®