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PlaneAire™ Travel Mist


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This potent, all-natural sanitizer is made from 100% pure certified organic essential oils and is scientifically proven to eliminate 99.99% of illness-causing bacteria commonly found on planes, including MRSA, taking germ-free flying to new heights. PlaneAire™ is the perfect solution for travelers who want to stay calm and protected all flight long.



PlaneAire™ Travel Mist is an all-natural, powerful surface sanitizer and air purifier, committed to preparation and prevention for all people as they travel.

Supports a healthy travel environment by eliminating illness-causing germs naturally, and is laboratory tested to kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria, including resistant bacteria like MRSA.

Made from a trade secret proprietary blend of 100% pure certified organic essential oils and ingredients derived from fruits. A quick drying fine mist that leaves no stains or residues, and has a clean and soothing scent.

PlaneAire™ is safe, non-toxic, alcohol-fee, bleach-free, preservative-free, phthalate-free, and contains no synthetic chemicals, pressurized gases, stabilizers or emulsifiers.

TSA-approved size. Perfect for travel of all kinds: Airplanes, Hotels, Cruise Ships, Trains, Buses, Ride Sharing Services and more. Can be sprayed on surfaces everywhere, including: Hand Rests, Seat Belts, Tray Tables, Seat Pockets, Seats, Air Vents, Restrooms and Airport Kiosks.

Additional information

Weight3.5 oz
Dimensions6.8 × 1.8 × 1.8 in

2-fl. oz. (60-ml.) – TSA approved size

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21 reviews for PlaneAire™ Travel Mist

  1. Patricia S

    This product is truly impressive! I am hooked on it and have been spraying not only when I fly but at work as well! I also recently was in a hospital and I sprayed the remote controls and any surface you can imagine!!! So far no cold!! AMAZING!!!!

  2. Courtney Thomas

    After getting a cold from handling gym equipment and some sort of horrifying death-flu from a multi-hour flight, I knew I needed to find something better than Lysol to keep me healthy. I found PlaneAire, and immediately purchased it to put to the test for some long flights I had.

    I sprayed everything – the seat, the tray table, the belt buckle, the window – with PlaneAire and settled in. Here I am, healthy as can be. No cold. I also tested it at the gym and on the subway, and haven’t felt so much as a throat tickle.

    The smell is lovely, and I don’t think it lingers. Also, they’re not kidding when they say shake well.

  3. Cindy S

    I am a huge germaphobe, especially when it comes to air travel, so this product is just what I need. I actually really do like the smell of it and I can feel the effects of the disinfectant virtually immediately. It gives me satisfaction in knowing that I can avoid some serious bacterial agents. It also isn’t harsh and abrasive like other alcohol-containing sprays. Haven’t used it to travel yet but very much looking forward to it.

  4. Madison H.

    This has a strong natural oils smell. I emailed the company, suggesting I was not comfortable using something that smells strongly in a tightly packed plane cabin. They got back to me immediately and issued me a new bottle of their improved formula. The new bottle has a more muted but still pleasant scent. I appreciate a brand that listens to their customers and evolves their product!

  5. C. Russell

    I’m not one to write reviews.. but I love this product! I use it much more than I thought I would and the smell is so fresh and clean!! At first it was a new smell, but after one use I got used to It and couldn’t wait to use It again! Super happy with my purchase. Definitely recommend!!

  6. Markm909

    I generally get very bad sinus infections and ear infections when I travel or go to different locales. I use nasal wash, saline sprays, that generally help to a degree. Decided to try PlaneAire as I saw this advertised in Times Square a few weeks back and give it a whirl and was really surprised at how great it worked. I have sprayed it throughout my house and car and took it on one trip (a drive into Canada, I live in NY), and can feel a difference. The smell is rather strong and feels like an acquired scent, however once I got used to it, it relaxed me somewhat, that must be the essential oils in it.

  7. Denise Henry

    PlaneAire has worked perfectly for me! I fly pretty frequently and this is SO much easier than carrying around wet wipes or bottles of hand sanitizer. It’s the perfect size to throw in my purse or keep in my car, and also nice that it is TSA approved. The smell is very light/earthy not too aggressive- it reminds me of a spa. I also love that it is all natural!

  8. PlaneAire Customer

    I used PlaneAire in my classroom all winter to fight the flu and common cold and to prevent others from getting sick! This should be on all school districts supply lists!!!

  9. Beth Cox

    As a mom of 8 and travel agent, I find that I travel at least 4 times a month. I highly recommend this product as I use it on all of my domestic and international travel. It is the perfect size product to place in a small bag to easily access on a plane, boat or train. I began recommending this to all my clients after it was recommended to me by my son.

  10. Daniel R. Druzsba

    Excellent Product….Great Price….Fast Shipping….Cleans & Smells Fresh….Will Buy Again.

  11. Bridget

    I love this product for my office! I use it on the door handles, my keyboard and everywhere we all touch multiple times a day. My coworkers love the smell and I love that it doesn’t smell like harsh chemicals like other disinfecting sprays.

  12. PlaneAire Customer

    Got this product quickly and am looking forward to using it as we travel this spring and summer. The size is perfect for my purse.

  13. Daniel Tomosawa

    Like the use of essential oils, pleasant smell, can’t wait to use on my upcoming trip!

  14. Lisa C. David

    Used it on my cruise, came in handy.

  15. Janice C

    Took this on a recent flight. Usually use Clorox wipes for tray table and hand rests and this product works just as well as Clorox without chemicals and chemical odor. Highly recommend.

  16. Barbara M Barr

    As a school social worker on a high school child study team and Mom of 4 athletic children, PlaneAire is an incredible product to have in my office, my home, my purse and my children’s athletic bags and lockers. On a daily basis I have many, many students joining me in my office for my “Breakfast Club” or “Lunch Bunch”; with even more students using my phone, desk top, laptop every day, all day. I spray PlaneAire at the start of each day and before I leave; on all surfaces in my office- providing me peace of mind that harmful bacteria is removed from my office. My children use it on their lacrosse, baseball and football equipment and my college age football player now keeps it in his football locker.

    The clean, fresh, woodsy scent is refreshing in the antibacterial product market place. I highly recommend.

  17. Michael D.

    It smells great and is effective. It’s really helpful to feel clean while traveling, even in nicer hotel rooms this adds a nice step up.

  18. LA

    ‘PlaneAire’ “Perfect For The gym ” My Girlfriend ia a Yoga instructor And She uses PlaneAire in Her studio All the time. Recently, Ive been using it every time i go to the Gym to disinfect the equipment, Benches and locker. It works really well, and the gym Bathroom Have never smelled Better!!! Thank You PlaneAir.

  19. Rae

    This product is a must-have for everyone! As a new grandmother, I am always looking for ways to protect myself and my grandson particularly when I take him out. I always use wipes on shopping carts and high chairs in restaurants. I also carry hand sanitizer in my bag at all times; however, when shopping for any anti-bacterial product, I pay close attention to the ingredient lists, and in particular, the product’s overall alcohol concentration. This is an all-in-one product in my opinion. I don’t have to worry about the contents as it is organic, all-natural and alcohol free. I don’t have to find a place to discard the wipes, as it’s a quick spray and I’m good to go. I love it! It does the job . . . be sure to shake well before each use to allow the oils to combine and activate. I highly recommend this product!!!!

  20. PlaneAire Customer

    This stuff is great! Love the smell, and is an absolute must have for travel! Also love the fact that it is all natural and doesn’t use crazy chemicals. Can’t recommend this enough!

  21. Patricia S

    This product is truly impressive! I am hooked on it and have been spraying not only when I fly but at work as well! I also recently was in a hospital and I sprayed the remote controls and any surface you can imagine!!! So far no cold!! AMAZING!!!!

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