Interior environments reflect the legacy of health and illness of everyone who has entered them.

Confined indoor spaces, with stagnant or recirculated air, are ideal incubators for bacteria and are often teeming with the harmful germs and microbes someone else left behind.

Your home, for example, contains a wealth of bacteria—both good and bad—which you and your family contribute to. Not to worry, they are unlikely to be harmful.

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Just as the microbiological “aura” of your home is largely created by your family, the microbiome of these interior travel environments is shaped by the other occupants. Individuals sharing a confined space swap signature bacteria with one another—signature bacteria follow you as you travel from place to place and are rapidly introduced to your surrounding environment. (Lax et al 2014).

Each time you board a plane, cruise ship, train or rental car, or enter a hotel room, you are stepping into an unknown mingling of microbial communities, and swapping signature bacteria with the people around you.

You are exposing yourself to the bacterial history of hundreds or thousands of strangers—sick passengers, healthy passengers, viruses, funguses, microbes, etc.—and exposing them to yours.

As we continue to be bombarded with the barrage of news about contagious travel issues, PlaneAire® is a well-timed solution for all travelers.

PlaneAire® Surface & Air Purifying Travel Mist is made from six 100% pure certified organic essential oils, purified water and organic fruit acids to enhance the germ-killing activity. Within minutes, PlaneAire provides a science-driven, lab-proven, all-natural solution to kill the germs on the surfaces you touch—making surfaces safer—and to combat bacteria that travel through the air from coughing, sneezing, talking and breathing. Lab results tested and verified by EMSL Analytical, Inc.

Test BacteriaContact Time
2 mins10 mins
P. aeriuginosa99.998599.9995
S. enterica99.9999799.99998
S. aureus99.999599.9995

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An Inside Look at Bacterial History, from the President’s Desk and Scientific Team at PlaneAire®

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