Airport food has come a long way. The days of only finding greasy fast food chains are gone (thank goodness) and now airports worldwide are competing to bring the best gourmet experiences to hungry travelers. We had a hard time picking just a handful of restaurants across the globe, but we think these five establishments will satisfy the most discerning foodies!

1. Tortas Frontera by Rick Bayless – Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Chef Rick Bayless is known for bringing high Mexican food to Americans, and Tortas Frontera in Chicago O’Hare has been called the best airport restaurant in the country by experts like Daniel Boulud. In addition to tortas (sandwiches), the menu includes molletes (Mexican open-faced sandwiches), salads, soups, a guacamole bar and breakfast offerings. Notable dishes:

Eggs & Rajas Torta (scrambled eggs, poblano rajas, artisan Jack cheese, avocado, Cotija cheese) and and Pepito Torta (braised beef short rib, artisan Jack cheese, pickled jalapeño, cilantro crema, black beans, wild arugula). Terminals 1 and 3, Gates B10 and K3. Full menu here. (photo credit: Rick Bayless Website)

2. Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar – London Heathrow Airport

Caviar House & Prunier is a producer of the world’s finest Prunier caviar and Balik smoked salmon. It is known worldwide for the high quality of its caviar and its unique selection process.

Visit their restaurant at London Heathrow Airport for delicacies and gourmet fare like Tuna Tartare on a bed of avocado and crispy onions with lemon-flavored soy sauce; Duck Foie Gras with fruit chutney; and King Crab Legs with Caviar. If you’re in a rush, pick something off the 15-minute menu for fast (good) food! Terminal 2. Full menu here.

3. Restaurant Top Air – Stuttgart Airport, Germany

Even if you’re not heading to Germany, perhaps you can get a layover at Stuttgart Airport on your way to other European destinations because its famous for Restaurant Top Air, which is the only airport restaurant with a Michelin star. Chef Marco Akuzun and his team serve modern international cuisine over 3-,4-, and 5-courses (perfect for those with long layovers). Try the Goose Liver Mousse with sour cherry and licorice. Pair your meal with one of the 400 vintages available on their wine list. Terminal 1/Ebene 4. Full menu here. (photo credit: Restaurant Top Air)

4. Sushi Kyotatsu – Narita International Aiport, Tokyo

Japanese cuisine lovers are spoiled for choice in Tokyo, of course, but they can also get their fix at the Narita International Airport. Narita often ranks high for its variety of restaurants that offer favorites like sushi, udon and onigiri, with reasonable price points. Visit Sushi Kyotatsu to savor its market-fresh sushi prepared using a 200-year-old technique called Edo, which involves using vinegar and salt or Kombu (sea tangle) with the season’s best ingredients. Order the Nigiri Miyako, hand-formed sushi with the fish-of-the-day draped over rice. Terminal 1, No.3 Satellite, 3rd Floor. Full menu here. (photo credit: Anthony. Travel Mentor)

5.  Colonial Club – Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore is a foodie’s paradise and their airport is filled with restaurants offering delicious food at all price points. For authentic Singapore ‘Nyonyah’ food, visit the Colonial Club, which serves a mix of Hainanese-style western fare and traditional dishes. Popular menu options include the Hainanese Chicken Chop, Buah Keluak Chicken and Nasi Lemak. Terminal 3, level 3. Full menu here. (photo credit: